Hey guys the steam sales are hitting off today so you better grab stuff

Steam Summer sales

2013-07-18 00:28:16 by gearheadwarhead

This is really great sell thing all your favorite games for really low down prices

Steam's Chrismas Sell!!

2012-12-22 15:49:18 by gearheadwarhead

Steam slashing price for great pc games comn join !!!!!!

This is fucking Epic the new design blow my mind comment on the new design guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Working to make music having a hard time making stuff work need help bad just message me if u got any tips to help me

I'm making music for the first time im waiting for my demo to be reviewed by Tom and his crew hope to get comments from others to help me make better styles for myself.

Thanks for comment and votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ZPS has new updates to the game

u have the will to barricade with boards now by nailing boards to stop zombies!!!!

New Weapons!!!!